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Potential Activities

At the Airport Advocates Alliance of Corvallis (3Ac), we aim to cultivate a thriving relationship between our community and the Corvallis Municipal Airport (KCVO). To do this, we're considering a variety of potential activities and events. Please remember that these are suggested activities, dependent on factors like funding, community enthusiasm, and approvals from the City of Corvallis and the Fixed Base Operator (FBO).

Discover a variety of exciting activities and events at the Airport Advocates Alliance of Corvallis (3Ac) that engage our community and showcase the wonders of aviation:

Aviation Day/Open House

Organize an annual Aviation Day where you can give tours of the airport, explain various operations, showcase different aircraft, and arrange a static aircraft display. This will provide an entertaining and educational experience for visitors.

Flight School Open House

The Corvallis Aero Service and The Oregon State Flying Club could host an open day where interested community members can learn about flying lessons, possibly even offer discounted "discovery flights."

Community Concerts

Hold concerts at the airport. The spacious runway can make for a unique concert venue that also introduces more people to the airport.

Fly-In Movie Nights

Use the hangar or the apron to host a movie night. People can bring their own chairs or blankets and sit under the stars while watching a movie.

Aviation Camp

Organize a summer aviation camp for children and teenagers. They can learn the basics of aviation, have model aircraft competitions, and maybe even get a chance to sit in a cockpit.

Partnerships with Local Schools

Work with local schools to arrange field trips to the airport, adding a practical component to their education. The emphasis on STEM subjects could be a particular focus.

Air Show

Arrange an annual air show featuring aerobatic demonstrations, parachuting, vintage aircraft, etc. It can attract enthusiasts from across the state.

Local Business Collaborations

Team up with local businesses for special offers, like a discounted flight lesson with a purchase, or a free meal at a local restaurant after taking a discovery flight.

Airport Market

Host a farmers' market, artisan market, or flea market at the airport. This would attract locals and give local businesses another place to sell their goods.

5K Run on the Runway

A unique running event like a "Run on the Runway" could be a big draw. You could also incorporate other health and wellness activities.

Airport Art Show

Collaborate with local artists to create an art show at the airport. This could include static displays as well as interactive experiences.

Drone Racing or Kite Festival

Given the link to aviation, the airport could host a drone racing event or a kite festival, making use of the wide-open space.

Airport Lecture Series

Create a series of lectures with speakers from various aspects of aviation. This could include pilots, aircraft mechanics, flight instructors, and others.

Sponsor Local Events

As the airport, consider sponsoring local events in the community, which can provide good publicity and help locals associate the airport with positive community engagement.

Aircraft Exhibit

Arrange a monthly or quarterly aircraft exhibit, showcasing different types of aircraft from different eras. Partner with aircraft owners and organizations to bring their aircraft to the airport for display.

Photography Contest

Hold a photography contest at the airport, where amateur and professional photographers can capture the airport's beauty and aircraft in action.

Local Media Engagement

Regularly share interesting stories about the airport, its history, and people to local media. Positive coverage can boost community interest and knowledge.

Airport Volunteer Program

Start a volunteer program for those interested in aviation. Volunteers can help with events and operations while learning about the industry.

Women in Aviation

Promote and support women in aviation by organizing special workshops, talks, or events that highlight the contribution of women in this field. This could tie in with International Women's Day or Girls in Aviation Day.

Holiday Events

Special events around holidays such as a Halloween "Trunk or Treat" or a Christmas light display can be unique ways to use the airport and engage the community.

Airport Advocates Alliance of Corvallis (3Ac)

The Airport Advocates Alliance of Corvallis (3Ac) aims to cultivate a thriving relationship between the community, local businesses, and the Corvallis Municipal Airport (KCVO). We are dedicated to organizing events and activities that promote community engagement and showcase the wonders of aviation.

Airport Media Coverage

Regularly engage with local media outlets to share interesting stories, news, and updates about the airport. This helps to increase community interest and awareness.

STEM Education Initiatives

Collaborate with local schools and educational institutions to develop STEM programs and initiatives that highlight the importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in aviation.

Aviation Career Workshops

Organize workshops and seminars to provide insights into aviation careers, allowing community members to explore various job opportunities within the industry.

Airport Facility Tours

Offer guided tours of the airport facilities, including the control tower, hangars, and maintenance areas, to give visitors a behind-the-scenes look at airport operations.

Historical Aviation Exhibits

Create exhibits that showcase the rich history of aviation, highlighting significant milestones, notable aviators, and the evolution of aircraft technology.

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This list is intended to spark creative conversations and encourage community participation. We're eager to hear your ideas, and together, let's make a meaningful difference!

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These are proposed activities, and their realization is dependent upon factors such as funding, community enthusiasm, and approval from the City of Corvallis and the Fixed Base Operator (FBO).